Project Management Support

Assistance for public-private partners to achieve success with project and programme management for their public-private partnership is highly rewarding.

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Why choose Project Management Support?

Public-private partnerships are complex and success requires joint effort. As an independent partner Margot Beukers shares the same goals as the partners in a project: to make the project successful.
In practice, more and more research is carried out in collaborations among different partners. By sharing their expertise and knowledge, scientists can improve their chances of success. To collaborate effectively partners have to identify a shared aim. Margot assists all partners to achieve their aims through guidance and administrative support.

Why Flowchart Support?

Hugo Schellevis is a senior process engineer with over 30 years’ experience in semi-conductor technology. Hugo was involved in the set-up of the EKL laboratory in Delft, previously known as DIMES laboratory. He has ample experience in the preparation of flowcharts and enjoys finding practical solutions to realize your aims in silicon. Hugo is known for his proactive approach. He enjoys interaction with his customer to find technological solutions in the best interest of his clients. The customer is always in the lead, as the proposed solution and any changes of the original plan are always discussed prior to execution.

How Project Management Support works?

Through improving communication and removing hurdles.
Collaboration between multiple partners is a complex process and to be successful, communication is key. In particular the set-up of the project structure and the definition of milestones require attention. Hurdles that may be encountered might concern financial, legal, scientific or communication issues. By removing these hurdles, the scientists in the project can dedicate their time and effort to the research itself.

How Flowchart Support works?

The process towards realization of your aim in silicon consists of three steps. First of all, a draft flowchart is prepared to produce a prototype. Subsequently the flowchart will be executed and potential bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement identified. The final step is the end product which is a final prototype which can be produced at small scale.

What is Project Management Support?

Professional project management, advice and training.
Project Management Support provides professional management for public-private partnerships. Margot assists in the start-up, implementation or closure phase of a collaboration this includes support with financial, legal, scientific and communication issues. In addition, she gives advice, coaching and training for the management of public-private partnership projects.

What is Flowchart Support?

Flowchart support will prepare a flowchart based on your needs. The flowchart will be made as robust as possible. Any applications can be realized as long as the application is based on semiconductor technology. Examples include MEMS structures, sensors and waveguides, for more detail please see the publications.